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How we work.


As a first step, meetings are important for collective decision-making, discussion, planning and follow-up, accountability, democracy, and suggestions for what could be the best for the temple project. Visiting charges will be applicable.


We plan and design the temple structure based on vastu shilp shastra in 2D and 3D design for RCC and all type marble/sand stone work. We provide full size graphical drawing, landscaping and consultation. Designing charges will be 1% of total temple project amount.


We construct the temple based on lock and key technology. We also do certify the life of the stone and project. We also propose our experienced stone artist and construction team.

The Story.

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Temple Architecture

Since the centuries the Sompura families are involved in Indian Architecture base Construction. Such as Temples, Palaces, Step wells, Forts etc. In recent time also Sompuras famous as a Temple Architect. Sompura Shilp Sthapatya is one of them from Sompura families.

Sompura Shilp Sthapatya is engaged in temple construction industry. We provide temple architecture and construction services with follow the norms of ancient vastu shilp shastra ( followed by Aparajit, Xiranav, Diparnav, JayPruchha, Prad Mandan, Shilp Ratanakar, Maymat and puranos etc.) With the calculation such as Aay, Nakshatra, Direction, Vyay etc. and follow vastu-shilp norms form the beginning of the temple i.e. Shila Ropan to end of temple construction i.e. Pratistha pooja. Our speciality is not only in Vastu base designing in stone, marble but also in RCC temple carving, fitting and finishing that means we offered full solution of Temple construction.

Welcome to the world of classical Indian Architecture. Temple construction is basically depends on Shastra. In the western part of India, Sompura families are involved in traditional Temple construction, Palaces, Step Wells, Forts, and also preserving the typical art of Vastu Shilp Shastra (the construction manual of ancient Indian Architecture) since the centuries. Sompura Shilp Sthapatya is one them from Sompura families. Sompura Shilp Sthapatya manufactured custom made stone, marble interior decorative articles and ornamental artifacts. We have a state of the art computerize design facility which can provides services like 3D walkthrough of temple and other construction projects. Providing Vastu shilp remedies for temple projects, home, commercial and industrial projects also.

Vastu Shilp Shastra - an ancient construction technology
Modern World knows the Vastu Shilp Shastra as the Indian Architecture. Vastu Shilp Shastrais one of the oldest construction technologies of world since Vedic era. It belongs to "Rig Veda & Aatharava Veda". In last millennium mainly north Indian form of Indian Architecture suffered a great deal due to several foreign invasions on India. Thanks to the vital force of genuine and inherited craftsmanship of sompuras and few others for preserve that building tradition.

Behind the Temple Designing.

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Pravinchandra Sompura

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Mitul Pravinchandra Sompura

Creative Director/Temple Architect
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Kamal Mistry

Architectural 3D Visualizer
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Shilpa Mitul Sompura

Technical Executive


Completed Projects

Temple Name Location Year
Somanth Mandir Bilimora, GJ 1975
Radha Krishna Mandir Dumas, Surat, GJ 1977
Ramji Temple Tavdi, Navsari, GJ 1978
Radha Krishna Temple Devsar, Bilimora, GJ 1979
Jalaram Mandir Bilimora, GJ 1982
Lotus Temple Anand, GJ 1985
Shanti Niketan Jain Temple Tithal, Valsad, GJ 1990
Hinglaaj Mata Mandir Badheli, Valsad, GJ 1995
TadkeshwarMahadev Mandir Abramha, Valsad, GJ 1997
Meldi Mata Mandir Dharampur, Valsad, GJ 1999
Dutt Mandir Valsad, GJ 2000
Jaldevi Mandir Chipwad, Valsad, GJ 2001
Radha Krishna Temple Machiwad, Valsad, GJ 2002
Chushath Jogani Mandir Vangham, GJ 2003
Sai Mandir Dharasana, Valsad, GJ 2004
Shiv Mahadev Mandir Segvi, Valsad, GJ 2005
Amba Mata Mandir Halsar, Valsad, GJ 2006
Shiv Mahadev Mandir Atul, GJ 2007
Vishwakarma Mandir Gundlav, Valsad, GJ 2009
Yogeshwar Mahadev Mandir Chikhli, GJ 2009
Bapa Sita Ram Mandir Pardi, GJ 2010
Jaldevi Mandir Chikhli, GJ 2010
Bapa Sita Ram Mandir Vapi, GJ 2011
Sai Dwar Mandir Punat, Sarigam, GJ 2012
Amba Mata Mandir Khariwar, Daman 2013
Omkareshwar Shiv Mandir Badi Daman 2013
Vishnu Mandir Zari, Daman 2014
Radha Krishna Mandir Khachigam, Daman 2014
Jain Mandir Chala, Vapi, GJ 2014
Shiv Mahadev Mandir Morai, Vapi, GJ 2015
Amba Mata Mandir Udawada, Vapi, GJ 2016
Rudradeshwar Mahadev Mandir Kachigam, Daman 2017

On Going Project

Temple Name Location
Wadinath Mahadev Mandir Pahej, GJ
Hanumanji Mandir Chikli, GJh
Bashukinath Mandir Bhimpor, Daman
Bapa Sita Ram Mandir Salva, Vapi, GJ
Bhagwati Mata Mandir Maroli, GJ
Jalaram Bapa Mandir Ghej, Chikhali, GJ
Vedhnath Mandir Bharuch, GJ

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